The Friday Five – How to Remember Your Trip

You’re out there! Exploring the world! But once you get home, how do you remember it all? You’ll hopefully want to look back on your adventures, so this week on the Friday Five I’m giving you 5 ways to do just that. Whether it’s taking photos, writing in a journal or sending postcards, you’ll be so glad you did.

Have another way to help you travellers look back? Leave it in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “The Friday Five – How to Remember Your Trip”

  1. Michael Robinson

    Great ideas. Here’s another…

    Pick a typical souvenir that’s widely available in most places (something small and cheap), and buy one from each place. I started buying shooter glasses years ago, and make a point of getting one from everywhere I travel.

    Eventually, I hope to put them together into some sort of display case.

  2. The flag idea is really cool. Many like scrapbooking with photos, but I’m a bit lazy when it comes to handmade scrapbooks (I have one from a trip 4 years ago that isn’t done). I have done a few scrapbooks online for my trip to Vegas and Europe with, which I love . I also like to find a recipe of a dish I ate while traveling so I can recreate (or attempt to) when I come home.

  3. Love the scrapbook idea. I’ve been doing it for years and they are a blast to go back & look over because ultimately I’m going to forget SOMETHING about my adventures and the scrapbook brings back all those memories!

    TIP: many people just sort of fail to keep up on the books. If you have your scrapbook and simply glue/tape in your ticket or picture or whatever RIGHT away, you can always fill in with your writing entries later on during a plane/train/bus ride. That way, you keep on top of your scrapbook/journal and it’ll stay in chronological order of the places you’ve visited.

  4. A guy I traveled with was on a motorcycle/backpack trip. He picked up a drivers license in every country he went to. Small and easy to carry for a long backpacking trip!!

  5. @Michael – Good idea Michael. Have you been to Pisa in Italy? Those shot glasses are leaning as well.

  6. @Alouise – I’ve picked up a few recipes as well along the way and look forward to making them. As for the online scrapbook, I meant to mention that but forgot. Glad someone took care of that for me.

  7. @Jenneil – It’s a fun idea. Glad I saw someone doing it. Extra tip: pick up as many as possible in Thailand/SE Asia cause in Europe they are SUPER expensive.

  8. @Darren – Very good tip Darren. I struggle to keep on top of it so hopefully that tip will help me stay on top of things. I was 2 months behind at one point! Yikes!

  9. @Leigh-Ann – Whoa, that’s pretty cool. How did he get these drivers licenses? Did he do a test or pick up a knock off one?

  10. He actually researched ahead of time so he had the local addresses in the areas he was in and as he traveled in each country he went to the office. It was a little different each place. Some are tests and some you just show your own original license and they issue you one of theirs.

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