The Friday Five – Packing for Long Train Journeys

Canada is a big country. Actually, no, big doesn’t cut it. Canada is GIGANTIC!! I needed to get out west and while flying is the quickest option, I wanted to see the landscape of Canada. So, I hopped on a two and a half day train journey across the country (and I didn’t even go all the way across). Like I said, Gigantic!

I was pretty prepared for this long trip, unlike some of my other passengers and so I was inspired to bring The Friday Five out of the Backpack With Brock vaults to suggest 5 things you should remember to bring with you on long train journeys.

Anything I missed or that you’d say is very key? Leave it in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “The Friday Five – Packing for Long Train Journeys”

  1. Aside from number 1) these are in no particular order:

    1) deodorant/change of clothing – Yes, some people need to be told this is a requirement on an 80+ hour train trip!

    – Kleenex/toilet paper – there was plenty but I never want to risk my luck!
    – waterless sanitizer/pre-moistened towelettes
    – ear plug, just in case of screaming babies, loud snorers and impromptu karaoke sessions
    – business cards/pen and paper to stay in touch with the people you will encounter
    – patience! – don’t look at it as a delay but an opportunity to have a longer journey!

  2. @Monika – Impromptu Karaoke – amazing! It totally happens. I’m guessing you experienced it and learnt your lesson.

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