The Route

The following is a rough outline of the expected itinerary. Feel free to send suggestions for these destinations through the contact page.

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Jan: New Zealand – Australia

February : Thailand

March: Vietnam – Laos

April: China – Nepal

May: India

June: Turkey – Greece – Italy

July:  Netherlands – Spain – Italy – Austria

August: Hungary – Poland – Czech Republic – Germany – Sweden – Switzerland – France

September: France – England – Scotland – Ireland – England

October – Kenya – Brazil

November: Brazil – Argentina – Peru

December – Peru – Columbia

December 22nd – HOME!

20 thoughts on “The Route”

  1. Hello Brock,

    You don’t know me…. but you will!!! I am traveling with Lindsay to Thailand in Feb and meeting up with Jen and you from what I hear in Samui! Sawadeekra!!

  2. @Taylor – Jen was just telling me off this. Perhaps I’ll meet up with you two in Phuket? Ya? Enjoy the site!

  3. Hey Brock,

    Just watched your Friday Five and I have a suggestion for Thailand. Lindsay and I have done lots of research and we are going to Chaing Mai for a few days. From there we are going to the Elephant Nature Park! We are staying over night there and it sounds like a really cool expierence.You get to feed the Elephants and bathe them etc. here is the link…

    Taylor 😀

  4. Hey dude,

    You should totally check out the Bondi – Bronte walk in Sydney. Amaaaaazing views and the weather while you’re going sounds like it’ll be pretty perfect.

  5. Hey Brock,
    When you go to Kenya (looks like Octoberish) definitly definitly go to the Sarengeti Nat’l Park. It’s kind of on the border of Kenya and Tanzania (I believe Masai Mara Reserve is the one in Kenya) but your timing looks about right to see the Great Migration…so there’ll be tons of zebras, Wildebeasts, gazelles/antelopes, and buffalos migrating in a straight line a la “Lion King.” If you can, definately go down into Tanzania to see Ngorongoro Crator (largest unbroken volcanic crator) and Olduvai Gorge where the oldest humanoid fossils were found. I went when I was 10 and it was beyond words.
    Looks like you’re having an incredible time !!!

  6. @Alex – Great suggestions Alex. I actually planned things to be there for the Great Migration. I am glad someone else knows what I am talking about. Tanzania may be a no go as they are having elections and there can be a great deal of civil unrest.

  7. Make sure you go out on a safari but stay away from water’s edge – many a traveler has met their maker doing that. Those creatures are smart and patient, just waiting for an unsuspecting tourist to come too close.

  8. Hi Brock,
    The website is great and I’ve enjoyed following your travels. I think you mentioned you wanted to stay in one place in India while you were there (or maybe I just imagined this) I spent 3 months travelling in India and there are so many great places to visit (there are so many places I wanted to see and didn’t) – everything from Rajasthan to Kanha Tiger Reserve to Kerala in the south, Varanasi. It’s a really diverse country, so if you get a chance, I would definitely not stay in one place there!
    All the best,
    Ashley Z

  9. Ashley – Thanks Ashley. I am actually meeting someone in India for a bit and we’ll be staying in Kerala for a 4 weeks while he teaches English. I spend another 2 and a half weeks trekking about so I will jot these places down as places to see. Comment anytime!

  10. We’re just missing each other in India, what a shame! If you have any questions about Brasil, Argentina, or Cuba let me know. I spent quite a bit of time in each of those countries. Have the MOST amazing trip!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @Andi – Love the site. Shane we wont cross paths in India. When are you there? Or before? Or After? I will certainly get some tips on Brasil and Argentina. It’s far away but I don’t know much about them. Safe Travels.

  12. Brock

    I was looking where you are going, I was thinking of meeting you somewhere for a week in the fall. Do our things as well but I need out and you are making me jealous.

    Also to bad you were not in Italy at the end of August Denise is there for a month.

  13. @Michelle – Hey that would be cool. I should be mapping out Europe in the coming month so I can let you know my itinerary and we could try to set something up if you’d like!

  14. Hey Brock,

    I will be in Brazil by the end of this month. If you need some tips or have any question to a local, you can contact me. You can also find some posts I write about different places to visit over there. After I get back to Brazil there will be plenty of information so you can discover new places an not the beaten path like Rio, Foz do Iguacu and Sao Paulo.

    Cheers and have safe travels!


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