Want to Place a Bet?

Got something you want Brock to try? Want to make him push his boundaries and ‘try eveything once’?
Well, here’s your chance to Bet Brock!

In the comments below, or through the Contact page, you can Bet Brock to do something of your choice. To make things fair however, you need to make it worth his while. For example, you could offer him $5 to pay for a drink, $25 for a night in a hostel or if its very outrageous and expensive, you could cover the cost of the adventure, ie. swimming with sharks. Btw, that one’s out because it was an example.
The offer is up to you.

Brock will film his attempt at the bet and post it on the site for everyone to see. If he is successful, then he wins the bet and you pay up. Make sense?

Let the Brock Bets begin!

This concept is derived from a similar feature called ‘Dare Me’ by Dave at GoBackpacking. You can see some of his dares to get some ideas here.

35 thoughts on “Want to Place a Bet?”

  1. Hey Brock!! I bet you can’t lick an exotic toad….LOL
    Just an idea off the top of my head there!! I will be following u all the way,good luck!! : )

  2. First one – I won’t be paying you $25 to sleep in a hostel!!!!! But I will pay $10 (4 or 5 Big Slice) to watch a video of a guy in Hanoi cut out the heart of a snake, and you neck it, with some of the blood, in a shot glass, while it’s still beating.
    Not done it myself but heard it’s a brilliant experience.
    Mot Hai Bat YOOOOOO! (Cheers or something in Vietnamese. Remeber that.
    It might be Chinese so don’t rely on it)

  3. Brock, I’ll bet you 5 bucks to buy and eat one of the roasted cockroaches off the skewers of them sold on the side of the road in SE Asia. Dont worry, they will show you how its done……and watch/love every moment of it. Cant wait to see it!

  4. I’ve got one for you, part travel advice, part bet. First the bet, I dare you to pick up a hitchhiker in Cuba.

    Now for some background, the hitchhiking you will find in Cuba is nothing like hitchhiking in our native Canada, public transport is practically nonexistent and because so few actually own vehicles it causes hitchhiking to be the best way to travel distances that the lone train doesn’t cover. You will see hitchhikers everywhere and unlike us sticking out our thumbs they signal by putting their arm out palm down with two fingers pointing forward. The government even created special stops with officials to flag down cars and help find rides for people. So pick up a hitchhiker, its safer than you think and you will meet a local that will be very happy for the ride. You will get a unique experience no one else has.

    Now you will need a car but you can’t get one just to pick up hitchhikers so where to go? Well here is my best suggestion for off the beaten path, the abandoned “Gran Hotel” in San Miguel de los Banos, South of Varadero. You can see the photos I took there on my Flickr.


    and a HD video I took here

    Its rugged and amazingly beautiful, getting to it you will see the hinterland of Cuba which is breathtaking and you will find no tourists. I’ll offer you $75 CAD to pull this off. The map I used(Lonely Planet Cuba) to find the place was only OK but I still made it, if you need help feel free to ask.


  5. I skipped Vietnam on my RTW trip, and thus missed out on eating a beating cobra heart just like Anthony Bourdain did in A Cook’s Tour (the book/tv show).

    I’ll pay you $50 to re-enact the scene, eating/drinking as much of the snake as possible.

    I took the liberty of finding the scene on YouTube:


    Good luck!

  6. @Matthew – Wow. I read ‘pick up a hitchhiker’ and my heart went into my throat. I am certainly going to see if I can arrange this one. That hotel looks amazing. I am assuming it’s not overly expensive to hire a car there. Thanks so much for the bet Matthew and I’ll keep you posted.

  7. @Dave – Oh. My. God. I’m already nauseous. I thought it would just be the heart and maybe some flesh…but that’s literally the whole thing. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks Dave…I think.

  8. Renting a car for a day in Cuba is much more expensive than in Canada, We rented one for 125 CAD a day but keep in mind that we rented straight from a resort in Varadero, the biggest tourist trap in the country and we needed a big one as there was 7 of us (we put two of the girls in the trunk…) If you rent from Havana then it should by all means be cheaper, if not I’ll gladly match whatever you end up paying. Protip: If a gas attendant tells you that you need premium in a rental tell him to go to hell its a scam, and a expensive one at that.

  9. $20 to eat the still beating heart of a snake in Vietnam or Thailand!! Lesser side bet of $5 to drink vodka mixed with snake blood.

  10. @Ted – Wow, people really want me to eat this beating snake heart. I was on the fence for this one, but putting the bets together…I think this might just happen. Thank-you Ted, stay tuned.

  11. OK Brock, DO NOT eat that snake, not even the heart!! I literally almost yaked watching it!! No one could ever pay me enough to do that stupid stunt!! Just think of the poor snake that you would kill to do that… Thats my thought, love ya bro…

  12. @Mal – Hey, I must agree with you. It’s hard bet. However, with the three parties combined, I think the bet is enough to make it happen. As for the poor snake, I did some research and in Vietnam, eating snakes are like eating cows in Canada…and you eat cows don’t you? Love ya sis…

  13. Hey Brock I’ve got $20 CdN for you everytime you milk a Jersey cow and play it on your site. Please be sure to mention they are the best cows in the world. Bonus points if you can find one in THailand , it will be easy in the UK and Brazil. Or maybe you should stop in the Isle of Jersey , home ahhhh!

  14. @Larry – Yes! Good one Larry! Finally someone wants me to do something else other than eat snake heart. Just you wait, I will make this happen.

  15. I liked that Mal was really concerned about the snakes life… WHAT ABOUT THE COWS?!? hahaha. Please. eat the snake. the ENTIRE snake

  16. I bet you $10.00 to drink the fresh blood of a cow in traditional Masai fashion when you’re in Kenya for the migration. I’ve done it – not so bad!

  17. Hello Brock,

    All of the bets have you eating something and I was like I need to give you fun one, I am not sure if this is easy as it may require you to buy face paint and colours. But When in Greece or Italy it will be the world cup. I want you to be the annoying fan cheering for the other country (colours and all) in a Pub somewhere. They will not like this… I will give 15 CDN plus the cost of the colours. And the fact I forced you to watch football would also be thrilling.

    When in England/Scotland visit some highland cows for 5 dollars. Manly because they are cute.

  18. @Michelle – Wow. What a bet. I’m sure if its the danger my life could be in or the fact that I’ll have to watch football that scares me more. Nevertheless…YOU’RE ON! I’ll give it my best shot. As for the cows. Done and done! Thanks so much for the bet Michelle!

  19. Brock, your videos and your whole trip look amazing! This is so fantastic. Props for putting all this together and giving literally everything a try!

    You should find a night market in Taiwan (if you happen to visit) and try a starfish, seahorse or scorpion skewer. (I don’t know why I’m putting you through this because I’m Chinese and I’d never eat those.) And definitely try the stinky tofu: we have them in Toronto too at the Night It Up! night market in Markham and it tastes better than it sounds!

    $5 for each of those and a bonus if you try all of them. You up for it?

  20. @Jane – Totally up for it. Only problem is, I don’t know if I will make it to Taiwan this trip. Can they be found in mainland China? Hong Kong? I am totally game if you can point the way!

  21. Brock!
    One we miss you already.
    Two Congrats with everything so far,
    mainly the cobra eating Blehhhk .

    $25 CAD if you shave a sheep. Either while in Ireland, Scotland, or your UK adventures. One of them, not all.

  22. Heya Brock 🙂

    So there is a place in Mexico, just south of Mexico City. When you get there, called the Island of the Dolls. Its apparently very scary, as seen on Destination Truth OLN Network. Apparently you can stay overnight and get scared really badly 🙂

    If you do it, and stay over night, ill give you 50 bux canadian 🙂

  23. @Chris – CHRIS! Thanks. I am game for this one. It’s not another eating bet thank goodness. I will keep you posted.

  24. After watching the video of you eating those nasty buggers, oh, man, I feel guilty… Sorry to put you through that, buddy. 🙁

  25. Italy Bets:

    $5 to drink Grappa after an Italian Meal.

    $5 to eat and filet a grilled whole fish (You must filet the fish yourself)

  26. @Ted – I think the Grappa may be possible. Fileting the fish may be trickier, but we’ll see what we can do!

  27. @Jon – Hmmm, best bet so far? Eating a snake was pretty intense. How many people can say they have done that?

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