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Halloween Ain’t Just For Kids in Toronto, Canada

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Getting Scary on Halloween Night

I love Halloween!

Heck, I even love pictures of Halloween!

It’s the one time of year you can dress up as whatever or whoever you like, and nobody will wonder why. This past week, here in Canada, there was no doubt it was the end of October.

If you are from a country where the holiday is not celebrated, you’ve likely seen pictures of Halloween costumes and heard about the shenanigans we get up to.

As a kid, October 31st meant choosing a costume, wearing it to school, carving some pumpkins and spending the evening going house to house with a pillow case, knocking on doors and collecting enough candy to last you at least a couple months.

While many people dress as something scary, I personally have never chosen a scary costume. Looking back on old pictures of Halloween, I’ve been a bag of Skittles, Peter Pan, a rabbit and even Claude Monet. (ya, that last one’s pretty random… I was THAT kid, not to mention I was 9.)

Kids aren’t the only ones who get into the festivities. Adults also like to dress up in crazy outfits and wear them to work and parties.

In Toronto, Canada, where I am from – Halloween is taken to a whole new level. Each year, we have Halloweek – a 7 day event which ends with a massive block party on October 31st, Halloween night.

The city of Toronto closes down 5 blocks and thousands of people come to party and see the elaborate costumes.

Of course, I hit the street with a couple friends to check out the costumes and dress up myself.
Here are just some of the awesome costumes we saw throughout the night!

Pictures of Halloween in Toronto 2011

Tetris Costume
Simple but Effective

Tetris is a pretty famous game. This costume is great for someone on a budget, you just need some boxes, duct tape and paint.

Robot Costume
I-Am-A-Robot. I-Am-Your-Friend.

Another straight forward costume but very effective! What’s better, no one can recognize you.

Dead Body Costume
Tonight’s Special: Human Head!

This guys a bit freaky. A human head on a plate…gross – but genius nonetheless!

TTC Transfer Costume
Need a Transfer?

My friend Alejandro joined me on the street to check things out. He was a hit as a TTC transfer machine. He actually gave out transfers to people who pressed the button.
Can you guess what I am? Read on to find out!

Elizabeth Taylor Costume
A Diva Back From The Dead

Yep, Elizabeth Taylor lives on. And she’s got a new perfume to share with you – Dead Body Delight!

Pictures of Halloween
Cereal Mascots Come to Life

Possibly my favourite of the night! This crew dressed up as mascots from some of the best breakfast cereals in Canada. From left to right: Tucan Sam, Lucky the Leprechaun, Tony The Tiger, and Captain Crunch! Theeeeeeey’re Great!

Kim Kardashian Costume
Kim Kardashian and Her Hot New Date

My friend Jaclyn dressed up as tacky, not famous for anything worth mentioning, reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian.On Halloween the real life Kim, filed for divorce so Jaclyn improvised with some divorce papers.

Quite fittingly: I was her ‘One Night Stand’. ZING!

As always, Toronto didn’t fail to impress on one of the best days of year, providing me with even more superb pictures of Halloween costumes to add to my album.

As quickly as October 31st came and went, so too will the next holiday: Christmas. Many shops are already covered in decorations and Christmas trees. And soon, Canada will be covered in snow!

True Halloween lovers however, the ones who consider it their favourite day of the year, are already planning their next costume.

Did you dress up for Halloween? What were you?

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  1. Sofia - As We Travel

    hahaha that’s a clever one Brock! Some people there really made an effort, I would love to celebrate Halloween some time over there.

  2. @Sofia – Yes, we do it up pretty intensely. People go all out. I am assuming Sweden doesn’t get too into it eh?

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