Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Pt. II: Dancing at the Samba School

In Part II of Rio do Janeiro, Brazil, Brock cooks up a storm with his new travelling buddies Katie, Julia and Leila, chills on the Copacabana beach, then dances up a storm at the Samba School, one of the many great things to do when in the coastal city.
The night’s festivities, full of dancing, colour and music, are part of the preparation for Rio’s annual Carnival.

To see the Rio de Janeiro, Video: Part I video, click here.

4 thoughts on “Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Pt. II: Dancing at the Samba School”

  1. @Tawny – When you visit the Great White North – I’ll teach to Samba. As for how long they dance it up… I recall getting their at 10pm and leaving at 5:30am. Umm…ya.

  2. @Andi – I ‘tried’ to learn but there’s 100% room for improvement. I’ll teach so moves so you’re ahead of the game when you get there.

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